Canon 5d Mark iii
A great full frame DSLR that is great for not only still, but video as well.

Canon 5d Mark ii
I use this as a back-up to the Mark iii. 

Canon 6d

Another great full frame back-up option.

Canon 7d mark ii

Back-up option

Bronica ETRS film
A great medium format film camera for portraits, also light and easy to travel with.

Bronica ETRSi film
Has a polaroid back attachment I love to use.

Canon A-1 film
My favorite of all the 35mm cameras. You can't beat it. (It's also all black)

Polaroid Impulse 600 (Film Sponsored)

I love this polaroid camera, super durable and easy for travel. 



Canon 24-70mm F2.8L II
A great lens for almost any situation, super quick focus. If you're going to buy this lens, get the newer version. The old version can't even compete.

Canon 50mm F1.2L
One of the sharpest lenses I have, great for 3/4 or full body shots. This was my first prime.

Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8L IS II (Tamron 70-200mm backup lens)
I use this for larger venues and sometimes portraits. Helps contrast the image you're focusing on from background. The new version is super crisp and clean.

Canon 17-40mm F4L
A great wide angle lens for group portraits.

Canon 85 1.2mm F2.8 II
Probably my favorite fixed lens I have in my bag right now.

Canon 8-15mm F4L

I love this fisheye, it captures some of my favorite photos.


CAMERA STRAPS  (Cub and Co) | (Sponsored)

The Monochrome Shooter Camera Strap
I use this lens with my Canon film camera, it works better than those I've had prior.

The Adjustable Shooter Strap (Cigar Brown)
Handmade leather with great quality, also adjustable should you need to adjust at all. My go to strap, I never take it off.

Double Strap and Kick by Black Rapid (Sponsored) 

Great single and double camera straps. Super sturdy.



The Pilot Backpack (Kelly Moore Bag) (Sponsored)
A great bag especially for traveling, has multiple compartments and is adjustable.



Western Digital (Sponsored)

I use Western Digital for everything storage wise, including the cloud and portable drives for when I need to store photos on tours.